NAC Chat

2 - Fashion - Rose Callahan And Natty Adams

September 7, 2018

David Zyla sits down with Rose Callahan and Natty Adams are the co-creators of the books 'I am Dandy' and 'We are Dandy' to discuss what exactly is a Dandy and the impact their books have had on a new generation. Around the world, dandies embrace style while respecting their local cultural traditions. Dandyism transcends fashion―it is a committed way of life and an obsession with elegance. It is fashion in the best sense, self-esteem through style. And, in every country, it takes a unique form as dandies draw on the local context and fashion culture to shape their looks. Through Callahans photos and Adams writing, the intricate world of each Dandy unfolds before our eyes in dazzling splendor. You can find Rose on Instagram and Twitter at @rcallahanphoto. You can find Natty on Instagram and Twitter @nattyadams. NAC Chat is the official podcast of The National Arts Club

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